HVAC Services & Installation

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At Spring Branch AC, we're proud to provide services for professional installation and replacement of your existing heating equipment. Our highly trained technicians will inspect your furnace to help determine if repairs are sufficient or a replacement is the best option for heating your home.

Key factors in making the decision whether to repair or replace are the age of the furnace (more than 15 years), the frequency of repairs, the overall cost of repairs, and the current efficiency of the unit.

After we help you make the proper determination of your home heating, we'll make sure your repairs are completed with the highest degree of professionalism and the new unit is installed according to the manufacturer’s exact specifications.

Same-Day Heater Repairs & Maintenance

In addition to our top-notch furnace repairs, we also offer affordable plans to provide regular maintenance, helping to prevent future equipment breakdown and keep your heater performing reliably. Whether you need necessary repairs or want to install a top-quality furnace for your home's comfort, we have the perfect solution to fit your needs.

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