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How to Take Stress Off Your AC Unit

How to Take Stress Off Your AC Unit

Your AC unit has worked tirelessly all summer long to make sure that your home remains at a comfortable temperature, but summer is not over yet and your AC unit’s job isn’t either. Help take some stress off of the unit by utilizing a few of these maintenance tips.

Change the Air Filters

If you live by yourself in a spotless home, that’s cleaned regularly and you have no children or pets then you only need to switch out your air filters every 6 months. However, if any of the above factors do apply to you, then you should have your air filters replaced every one to three months.

The purpose of air filters is to trap dirt, dust, and allergens before they enter your home, and the dirtier the air is, the faster your filters will get clogged and will need to be replaced. Staying up to date on your air filter replacement will improve your home’s indoor air quality and the efficiency of your air conditioning unit, making it easier to keep your home cool.

Clean the Coils

You might never think about the condenser and evaporator coils inside of your air conditioning unit, you might not even know what they are, but they are necessary to the cooling of the air that enters your home. We wouldn’t recommend cleaning these pieces of your unit yourself, especially if you’re not familiar with the inner workings of your unit but it’s important to keep them in mind. If you think your coils might be in need of a cleaning, then contact a professional HVAC company right away.

At Spring Branch AC, we can help you with all of your maintenance, repair and installation needs. We even offer a Maintenance Program to ensure that your unit gets quality service all year long. Contact us today for more information on how we can help your unit run more efficiently.