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Let Us Help You Keep Your Cool

Is it getting difficult to efficiently cool down your home during the hot days of summer? If so, you'll probably need air conditioning maintenance, repairs, or new installation. You can trust the expert technicians at Spring Branch AC to perform effective repairs or to properly install a top-rated new unit.

AC Installation

Selecting an air conditioner for your home is not always an easy decision to make. The exact same unit as before may not be the best solution for you. Factors you need to consider are the size of the system, energy-efficiency ratings, cost of the equipment, and operating costs. 

You can count on the professionalism of our factory-trained, experienced technicians. They'll always ensure your new air conditioning system is properly installed for maximum performance and efficiency. We stand behind the quality of our work and want to be your first choice for all of your air conditioning needs. Contact us today.

AC Repairs

Have the long, hot days of summer become too much for your AC to handle? Is it taking a lot longer to cool down your home than it used to? Your key to a cool and comfortable home is as easy as contacting the professionals at Spring Branch AC. We’re proud to offer a wide array of repair services to keep your AC system functioning at maximum efficiency.

Common AC problems:

  • Refrigerant Leaks
  • Drainage Issues
  • Inoperable Compressor Fan
  • Frozen Condensor Coils
  • Faulty Motors
  • And More...

Our technicians are highly trained in the latest makes and models of units. You can rest assured we can quickly identify your issue and perform the necessary repairs.

AC Maintenance

While repairs to your AC system may at times be necessary, they can also be costly. Keeping your AC equipment maintained in proper working order can prolong the life of your unit, eliminating the need for expensive repairs while also allowing for maximum efficiency, resulting in lower energy bills.

Contacting Spring Branch AC to perform professional maintenance of your AC unit can be a wise step in realizing maximum performance and comfort with minimized long-term expenses. Our knowledgeable technicians will inspect every aspect of your AC unit to ensure it’s operating at its best. We’ll leave no stone unturned when inspecting the filters, coils, coil fins, drain channels, refrigerant level, electric terminals, thermostat, and more. We use top-of-the-line parts and techniques with every service.

And once winter arrives, proper storage of your unit is just as important as the care you take in the summer. Units should be completely covered and sealed if left in place. And if you’re relocating your unit for the winter months, proper storage is imperative to protect the unit from winter weather and debris.

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